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Yan Lipao Woven Boxes


Yan Lipao is a type of vine that grows in the tropical forests of southern Thailand in Nakhonsithammarat.  Yan Lipao is tough yet flexible, and very appropriate for coiling to make various household articles.  It's natural colors of brown and black can be blended creating intricate designs.

In the early Rattanakosin period, finely crafted coil baskets were made with Yan Lipao vine. The art of using Yan Lipao for handicrafts was perfected during the reign of King Rama V.

Yan Lipao weaving involves great effort. One has to go deep into the forest to look for vines not less than an arm’s length and not too young to dry in the shade. Furthermore, properly dried strings have to be trimmed or smoothed out before use.

Depending on the details of the design, it takes between ten days to a month to make an item.