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Washable Paper Backpacks



Our washable paper bags are a great alternative to synthetic bags and genuine leather bags. They have great strength and a leather like-appearance. However, unlike leather, washable paper bags are not heavy. They’re pretty light to carry and have a great texture.

While the production of leather isn’t cruelty-free since numerous animals are tortured in the process to make real leather, the production of washable paper is completely cruelty-free. Not only this but plastic bags are non-biodegradable and greatly contribute to landfill pollutions and even marine life deaths. On the other hand, the washable paper is biodegradable which means it won’t take up much space in landfills and will eventually be recycled by micro-organisms.

What is washable paper made of and what is the procedure involved in its production?

The washable paper is made of natural plant fibers with the process has been approved under the FSC Certification. After the combination of the cellulose strands and the latex, the product is tanned, with a procedure analogous to that involved in the tanning of leather. This tanning is what gives the washable paper the crumpled leathery appearance.


The material is certified for non-harmful substances under the certificate Oeko-Tex Standard 100 which covers for all stages of production.

The washable paper has many advantages:
• It is very lightweight which means it’s easy to carry and handle. 
• It can be washed, which means all marks and stains that impinge on it can be removed. 
• It is biodegradable
• It is a natural material.