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The Elephant Story COVID-19 Protocol


March 6, 2021

Dear Customers, 

In light of the recent announcement from the Texas Governor, removing the mask mandate and allowing the operation of 100% capacity, we feel that it is necessary to make our loyal customers aware that The Elephant Story will still require all staff to wear masks and maintain the previously implemented sanitation practices.

The Elephant Story will continue to request that customers wear masks when entering the store and adhere to the current social distancing guidelines.

During the past year, The Elephant Story has kept all these practices intact, out of respect and wellbeing of our employees, clients and community.  We understand that these guidelines may not be favorable to all, but our elephants depend on us!

We look forward to continuously serving you.

The Elephant Story

  1. Employees MUST wear a mask when other people are in the building.

  2. Employees MUST ask customers to wear a mask when entering the building. If they complain or refuse, they will be politely asked to leave.  The Elephant Story reserves the right to require 100% use of face mask for the safety of our customers and staff”

  3. Employees MUST ask customers with children to have the children wear mask. (even if the child is under the age of 10. Infants can go without).  As a business we are requiring 100% usage of mask, even for children under the age of 10.

  4. Employees sanitize door knobs and doors where people touch, counters and items customers have touched (after the customer leaves).

  5. Employees sanitize door knobs, doors, counters, bathroom, and other high touch areas every morning before opening, throughout the day and at closing.

  6. Hand sanitizer at the front entrance and at the register for customers to use.

  7. Disposable mask available for customers if they have forgotten their mask.