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Postcard Cube Elephants

Elephants are a sacred symbol of royal power in Thailand. In the past, when discovered, they would be offered to the King to honor him. So accordingly, you can honor the special people in your lives by giving them this little piece of Thailand in a postcard.

The Himmapan Postcard & Cut-out Statue is a set of Eco design postcards that can be easily cut and folded into little elephant statues that you can send to any part of the world. Made from recycled material, it comes in four different elephant designs that bring their recipients felicity, tenacity, longevity and prosperity. They come in these adorable vibrant colors that people of any age are sure to love. 


According to Buddhist and Hindu beliefs, the Himmapan Forest,  said to be geographically located in the Himalayan Mountains, forms the only connection between heaven and earth. This magical forest is home to an assortment of unique creatures with supernatural powers. Along with these creatures were 10 majestic elephants led by the mighty Erawan. The legendary forest was described in Trai Bhum Pra Ruang, a Thai Buddhist epic written during the Sukhothai period (1345 A.D).