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Elephant Conservation

Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation Rescue and Adoption Program


The Elephant Story Movie filmed in June, 2017 in the elephant village, Baan Ta Klang, Thailand. The film describes our activities to support the elephants and mahouts in that village, home to 300 elephants.

The fundamental objective of the foundations associated with the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant effort is to rent the elephant, its mahout trainer and owner, and provide housing for the family in order to return them to a natural habitat in the Golden Triangle of Thailand. The elephants are rented rather than purchased as the owner mahout would go out, buy a baby elephant which is cuter and more easily transported, and return to the streets of the large cities. The Elephant Story will support foundations with the objective of returning elephants to their natural habitats in a sustainable fashion.

(photos by Carol Stevenson)

Asian elephants which formerly roamed wild in the Thai forests played an important cultural and economic role for centuries. Valued for their strength and dexterous trunks, elephants once provided the main work force in the teak forests of Northern Thailand to move the timber. However, teak deforestation resulted in the reality that there was no economic manner to meet the expenses of maintaining these wonderful animals. Therefore, the owners resorted to taking the animals to the big cities where people would pay to feed and pet them in a totally alien environment of walking the streets and sleeping under bridges and freeways.


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