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The Elephant Story launches a line of luxury cashmere throws by Manop Rachote

Feb 16, 2014 | 0 comments

Comfort, Texas & Bangkok, Thailand   The Elephant Story, a Not-for-Profit retail store in Comfort, Texas that was formed to promote elephant conservation in Asian elephant countries, is pleased to announce the launch of a luxury line of cashmere throws by Manop Rachote of Bangkok, Thailand. Manop Rachote, one of the emerging designers in Bangkok, Thailand has created a line of Mongolian Gobi cashmere throws for The Elephant Story. The throws are 60 inches by 72 inches and are made from reputedly the best cashmere in the world. Their borders are either supple kid goat leather or a vertical silk...

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The Elephant Story adopts baby elephant Rueang Cay (Story from the heart)

Feb 02, 2014 | 0 comments

With proceeds generated by The Elephant Story store in Comfort, Texas, The Elephant Story has adopted Rueang Cay (Story from the Heart) also known as Nong Am. Born on July 16, 2008, Rueang Cay has never had to endure the same hardships that her mother BuaThong faced at her age. However, it costs about US$15,000 per year to keep one adult elephant, mahout (owner and driver of the elephant), family and benefits. Through GTAEF's Adopt-an-Elephant programme, The Elephant Story will donate $15,000 (USD) per year to pay for Rueang Cay's daily food and veterinary care. In honor of The Elephant Story's generous donation, GTAEF gave Am a...

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The Elephant Story Sponsoring Two Teams in Thailand’s King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament

Aug 27, 2013 | 0 comments


Almost everyone knows what polo is, but how many have heard of elephant polo or that an elephant polo tournament takes place annually in Thailand? In addition, who could have imagined that two American teams not only participate in this unique venue, but also rank among the leading all amateur teams competing in this Thai tournament?  The Elephant Story, a Comfort, Texas-based retail store that promotes elephant conservation in Asian elephant countries, actually sponsors these two American family teams – The Elephant Story and Sara Story Design – in this year’s King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament, which takes place in the...

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36 Hours in Texas Hill Country (New York Times)

May 18, 2013 | 0 comments

The Elephant Story was featured in an article about travel in the Texas Hill Country in the New York Times.   Click here to read the full story   12. Elephants and Antiques   In nearby Comfort — another spot with a reassuring abstract noun for a name — you’ll find a historic district packed with architectural wonders from the 1800s, many of them designed by the architect Alfred Giles. The crown jewel is the Hotel Faust, a magnificent two-story building made of stone block. Some structures have been converted into vibrant shops and restaurants. Visit High’s Cafe and Store...

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