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News from Moo Baan Chang, Surin, Thailand

Jan 09, 2017 | 0 comments

Several people have asked what is going on in our special village which caused us to prepare a brief update covering several topics. First of all, you should know that life is pretty peaceful there as the image below indicates-plenty of rain, great rice crop and, therefore, everything is "sabaay maak" (Thai for "tranquil" like your mind following meditation). The elephants can take a rest from farming and enjoy a special treat in an enhanced diet which will be covered below. Moreover, the elephants are prospering and adding offspring. Further, The Elephant Story together with The Golden Triangle Asian Elephant...

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Report of Tim Klabunde on His Term as the First Native English Teacher in Moo Baan Chang Ban Ta Klang, Thailand

Nov 21, 2015 | 0 comments

 Tim Klabunde just completed his term as the first native English teacher in the primary and secondary schools in Moo Baan Chang, Ban Ta Klang under the sponsorship of The Elephant Story through the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation. Tim began this adventure at the age of 26 with an undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin and extensive educational and cultural training in Thailand. Nonetheless, as his personal account below indicates, very little could have prepared him for his experience at Chang Boon Wittaya school. I (Tim) constantly joke that living here has made me bipolar. Some days I...

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The Elephant Story Raises $40,000 for Elephant Conservation

Jul 29, 2015 | 0 comments

Through the Elephant Story sponsorship of The Elephant Story Invitational Elephant Polo Tournament on June 23 and 24 in Moo Baan Chang, Ban Ta Klang, Thailand and the Gumbo and Strings concert in Comfort, Texas, over $40,000 was raised for the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation (GTAEF)     The Elephant Story Invitational Elephant Polo Tournament   Four teams represented Citi, The ToleHouse Chameleons of Nepal WEPA fame, Sara Story Design and The Elephant Story in the Elephant Story elephant polo tournament.  Apart from the $10,000 raised from the team sponsorships, another $12,000 remained in the small village to add...

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The Elephant Story Elephant Polo Tournament In Moo Baan Chang, Ban Ta Klang, Surin, Thailand

Apr 22, 2015 | 0 comments

Since elephant polo was introduced to Thailand by the Thai Elephant Polo Association in 2001, and came under the Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King of Thailand as the King’s Cup, it has grown in scope and scale to become a major annual social event. However, we thought we would go to the elephants this year and have a much smaller tournament in the elephants’ hometown rather than the big city of Bangkok. Accordingly, The Elephant Story will host a tournament in Moo Baan Chang, June 24 and June 25 to mark the fifteenth year anniversary of elephant polo...

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Moo Baan Chang - Heart of Elephant Culture

Apr 15, 2015 | 0 comments

Everywhere we go in Thailand, from the north to the south and back to Bangkok we encounter elephants and mahouts from Moo Baan Chang (the elephant village) Ban Ta Klang, Surin.At the King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament last year in Bangkok, the elephant village mahout elders pictured below and some thirty elephants came from Moo Baan Chang. I guess it goes without saying that the taller guy is not a mahout though may qualify as an elder. Recently, we had a group from The Learning Link and The Elephant Story in Moo Baan Chang to organize the first native English...

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