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The Bai Sai Ritual

January 29, 2015

Many of you have probably seen people in either in Southeast Asia or returning from there with a white string tied around their wrist. It is a ritual that began in Laos even before Buddhism made inroads into the country. The ceremony celebrates important events, like births and marriages, entering the monkhood or a new phase of one’s life. The objective is to establish a bond to maintain balance and harmony to the individual and the community.


Bai Sai is usually performed by a senior member of the community or a Buddhist monk.





It is particularly helpful to have the ritual performed before an elephant polo match in order to maintain a balance with your elephant and stay on board.

Once the white cord is tied, it should be worn for at least three days and never cut. However, it can be untied following which time and the harmony in your soul can be maintained.


As you can see the spiritual powers of the Buddhist monks are added to the strength of the Bai Sai in a more formal ceremony.

The Bai Sai is always accompanied by many flowers and can be performed in more luxurious settings such as The Siam Hotel in Bangkok.

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