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The Two Top Thai Chefs

Dec 05, 2016 | 0 comments

After almost fifty years of Thai dining experiences from street carts, woks on open fires in the jungle and fine Thai restaurants, the author considers himself a reasonable expert on Thai food. In the early beginning of that period, there was virtually no "Thai fine dining" as fancy dinners were always around a "Lazy-Susan" table piled with mountains of greasy Chinese food. The world has evolved since then with new twists added to traditional Thai cooking. I am not talking about Thai fusion which I find abhorrent but greater usage of traditional vegetables and healthier seafood to replace my former...

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The Elephant Story raised $36,000 for The Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation

Aug 06, 2014 | 0 comments

The Elephant Story raised $36,000 for The Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation. The Cowboys and Strings concert and auction held on August 2 raised $36,000 to provide educational support for the school in the elephant village, Moo Baan Chang, in Surin, Thailand. The elephant village is home to over 200 elephants, their mahouts and families. The objective of the educational program is to introduce foreign language instruction, eco tourism concepts, and fiscal responsibility into the school curriculum in order to build a sustainable eco tourism base for the village. Eight luxury hotels in Southeast Asia donated hotel packages to the auction...

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The Elephant Story launches a line of luxury cashmere throws by Manop Rachote

Feb 16, 2014 | 0 comments

Comfort, Texas & Bangkok, Thailand   The Elephant Story, a Not-for-Profit retail store in Comfort, Texas that was formed to promote elephant conservation in Asian elephant countries, is pleased to announce the launch of a luxury line of cashmere throws by Manop Rachote of Bangkok, Thailand. Manop Rachote, one of the emerging designers in Bangkok, Thailand has created a line of Mongolian Gobi cashmere throws for The Elephant Story. The throws are 60 inches by 72 inches and are made from reputedly the best cashmere in the world. Their borders are either supple kid goat leather or a vertical silk...

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