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Elephant Polo Age and Gender Requirements

January 29, 2015

I am often asked whether there are any age or gender requirements for clearance to play elephant polo. I am happy to say there are none and, fortunately, a clean psychiatric evaluation is not required.

Therefore, one can begin training as early as age one and a half evidenced by Edward Story Garschina (fifth Story grandchild) shown below on Naam Fon. Potty training is not required and the elephant is not so fussy about such matters.

Actual competition can begin any time even though one’s legs may not be long enough to effectively go around the elephant. Story Dylan Kimura (first Story grandchild) shown below at age eight scoring the first of many goals against the adult Four Seasons Team.

Exhibitions of elephant polo can also be played with the entire team on one elephant as illustrated by the The Elephant Story team with Ethan Edward Kaplan (fourth Story grandchild) at age seven.

The ladies bring a certain fashion sense that can overcome the most seasoned and skilled male elephant polo players as the Sara Story Design Team illustrates below.

However, fashion will only take you so far and skill comes into play as you see Sara Story take the ball away from the Silver Fox, Raj Kalan. Raj is a great gentleman but also a competitor.

Agility also can overcome massive strength as you see Katie Story take on the All Blacks.

By now, you can see there are many dimensions to The Elephant Story.

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