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A Future for Elephants in Black Ivory Coffee Inventory Control?

Jul 29, 2019 | 0 comments

Our friend and elephant behavioral advisor, Dr. Joshua Plotnik -- Faculty of Department of Psychology of Hunter College, New York and President and Executive Director of Think Elephants International -- recently published the results of his studies to demonstrate that elephants have the ability to count. Incidentally, Josh, as an elephant psychologist and his wife, Sherry, represent the complete elephant wellness couple in that Sherry is an elephant veterinarian featured in an elephant inoculation in the film, POLO, For The Love of Elephants referenced below. Josh is shown here in one of his countless elephant encounters. Dr. Plotnik has a...

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Kru Oh and Callie the Canadian English Teacher

Apr 15, 2019 | 0 comments

For the past eighteen months, The Elephant Village in Baan Ta Klang, Surin, Thailand has been blessed by Callie Jackson teaching English to the children of the village. Callie comes from a small town in Northern Ontario. She has a degree in journalism and a passion for elephants. Fortunately, she made a connection with Kru Oh, our Thai spiritual leader for English education, and found her way to our village. Sadly, it is now time for Callie to return home and we asked her to share a few of her experiences and favorite images over her tenure. However, to provide...

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