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Ganesh is Grumpy with the Treatment of Elephants in India

Jan 01, 2018 | 0 comments

Ganesh, or Ganesha as he is sometimes called, is one of the most popular gods in the Hindu religion. Ganesh is distinctive in that he has a human form with the head of an elephant. The best-known story about the creation of Ganesh is that he is the son of Parvati, the Hindu goddess of the mountains and wife of the greatest god, Lord Shiva. As Parvati wanted a guard as she took a bath, she created Ganesh from dirt to protect her. However, the boy refused to let Lord Shiva see his wife. An angry Shiva cut off the...

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Where's the Beef?

Aug 07, 2017 | 0 comments

If you are in India, the beef is on the hoof and not on the plate. The author first went to India in 1970 and since 1992 has had a business relationship there with more than 100 visits to most parts of India. During that span of time, there has not been one incident of any digestive issue by this avid Indian food consumer.Once, while in a buffet queue in Jaipur, a Scottish fellow and corporate board member asked why I was never ill on our frequent trips to India together. I looked at his plate which was piled high...

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