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Dine With an Elephant

January 29, 2015

If you can bathe with an elephant, you can certainly share a meal with one. However, as they eat sixteen to eighteen hours a day and consume over 300 pounds of food per day, it could be time consuming. They eat grasses, small twigs, plants, bushes, tree bark and fruit. Inviting one for cocktails can also take awhile, as they drink twenty gallons of water per day. However, they do enjoy a nice place setting.

Speaking of place settings, several years ago, we hosted the World Elephant Polo Association legends for a black tie dinner at the elephant camp at The Four Seasons Tented Camp but we fed the elephants outside due to the fragility of all the glassware. 

Nonetheless, it is acceptable to invite an elephant for a cup of Black Ivory Coffee as they played an important role in the creation of the beverage. You can experience a private serving at The Elephant Story.

When trekking through elephant territory, elephants will often find a tree that they find particularly appealing and there is no moving them until they have eaten their fill.
In the black and white days of long ago, we would occasionally hear explosions while trekking. Often, they were merely elephants with a bit of gas following consumption of a very, large and rich durian. These days one of their favorite foods are cucumbers, far healthier and more conducive to a less explosive environment.

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