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Black Ivory Coffee Back in Stock!

February 25, 2016 Black Ivory Coffee

After a much anticipated wait due to the monsoon season overwhelming the coffee crops in Northern Thailand, a new seasonal crop of Black Ivory Coffee has arrived at The Elephant Story!

Schedule your Coffee Experience Now or place a phone order to make at home!

The most exclusive and exotic coffee in the world, (limited to destination resorts in Southeast Asia), The Elephant Story is the only location in the western hemisphere serving Black Ivory Coffee.  Learn more about Black Ivory Coffee here!!


The In-Store Service Experience

The In-Store Service Experience is $50.00 for 400 ml (approximately 14 oz.) which will serve 4 demitasse cups of Black Ivory Coffee.
(Please call ahead before making the trip to The Elephant Story for your Black Ivory Coffee purchase or In-Store Experience to ensure we have coffee in stock.)

For Purchase (In Store or Phone Orders Only)

One packet of coffee beans is $40.00 (will make 400 ml of coffee) and is only sold in the store or by phone order (not available online).

Please Call: (830) 995-3133

Quantities are Limited!

Limits to production include the availability of high quality coffee cherries, the appetite of the elephants, the number of beans devoured through chewing, and the ability of the mahouts and their wives to pick the beans by hand (8800 beans equal one kg of Black Ivory Coffee).  


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