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The Elephant Story's Favorite Guitarist Needs Our Help

February 25, 2016 Aaron Meyer Tim Ellis

Tim Ellis who has performed at the two Elephant Story concerts raising over $70,000 for elephant conservation now needs our help. Tim is fighting an aggressive cancer that is getting this tough guy down. Musicians from all over turned out in Portland, Oregon on February 15 for a benefit concert to raise funds for Tim's treatment.

The Portland Tribune, in an article titled "Getting by with a little help from his friends," referred to Tim as a teacher, a sidekick, a confidant, a recording magnate, a leader of the bands helping others as the classic behind-the-scenes player in music. Ken Borst captured the image of Tim playing at his own concert despite late stage cancer.

Below is an excerpt from a letter Joey and I sent to Tim. If you would like to help Tim's family, go to

The Thai Buddhists believe in a concept of Tham Boon, to make merit. Every morning devout Buddhists give food to the Buddhist monks. In reality the monks are providing the donors a favor by accepting the food rather than the people giving it. The gift and the deed cause you to feel good about yourself to make merit in your current life and the lives of those whom you impacted and their memories of you.

Therefore, to me the concept of immortality is just that. The memories of those whom you have helped and supported in your life live on. You will go a long time brother as you have impacted many and will not be forgotten for something approaching eternity. Moreover, your music will be a constant reminder of the wonderful person named Tim. 
Tim and Aaron Meyer are shown here performing The Elvis Trilogy at The Elephant Story's recent Gumbo and Strings Concert (Click on Picture to see the Video). Tim's wife, Susan, accompanied as the "music stand." Tim, you will be with us forever. 

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