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Doug Bahr in the GTAEF Elephant Sanctuary

February 25, 2016 Doug Bahr Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation GTAEF Intern Program

On November 24, 2014, we published a blog about The Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation, the elephant sanctuary located in the Golden Triangle where Thailand, Laos and Myanmar come together, and their wonderful intern program to put people to work for room and board and offer them the opportunity to be with elephants.

One day in Comfort, Texas, a young man by the name of Doug Bahr was in town to attend a wedding and happened to see the author on top of a stand behind The Elephant Story with a long mallet hitting polo balls in an attempt to master an elephant polo swing. Doug came into the store and we had a good chat about elephants. It turned out that Doug was a 4th year veterinary student and interested in elephants.

With the contribution of a round trip ticket from The Elephant Story, Doug has just landed in the Golden Triangle of Thailand to begin his intern program. His initial reviews support our earlier observations about the GTAEF and the fantastic work John and Sophie do. In any event, we will hear more from Doug but he did share a few photographs of his first day on the job.

A young elephant is looking out of the kindergarten.

A lady elephant is having a pedicure.

A couple of elephants out for a morning stroll.

From left to right are Emlyn Crosby, Doug Bahr, Dr. Dachar of the GTAEF and Marissa Custren. All but Dr. Dachar is a volunteer.


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