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The Elephant Story 2016 Polo Mallets

January 07, 2016 Elephant Polo Mallet

We took advantage of the New Year’s break to go to Buenos Aires to secure our elephant polo mallets for The Elephant Story June 2016 elephant polo tournament in Moo Baan Chang, Ban Ta Klang, Thailand.  I imagine we are probably in the minority to spend our holidays in such a manner.  Nonetheless, we went to Logi Polo Mallets and met with Sandra and Carla to sort out the remaining details. 

After three years, Logi has worked out the method to produce the elephant polo mallets -- light but not too whippy.  The canes are shown below awaiting the mallet heads.  Click on the video below to have a look at the shop.





Gear up for the Tournament

Elephant Polo Jersey
Mahout Short Sleeve Game Shirt
Authentic Polo Ball
Foot Mallet (Short Practice Mallet)

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