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Yoga on an Elephant

December 31, 2015

Some of you may have seen videos of Khun Seng of The Elephant Story elephant polo team who is a "dara" (star in Thai) of elephant polo. Maybe the real "dara" is his wife Khun Oil who is a very accomplished master yoga instructor at the Anantara Golden Triangle, Thailand. By the way, Khun Seng is Director of Elephants at The Four Seasons Tented Camp.

As shown below, Khun Oil begins her yoga session with a Thai wai, see Blog March 4, 2015, to bless Pepsi, her associate in the yoga session.

Following the wai to begin the session, she then executes the warrior pose, an appropriate position given the use of elephants in ancient Thai warfare.

Scott & Co. is contemplating the introduction of an elephant based yoga class once The Elephant Story brings an elephant to Comfort, Texas. We are happy to introduce an elephant but the 400 pounds of feed per day are another matter. I am thinking the normal yoga class fees should be supplemented with two bales of hay per client.

Khun Khan and Pepsi, the elephant, are shown in an elephant polo video below which aired on Japan TV, thereby making them "dara" as well.

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