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Trunk Up or Trunk Down?

April 21, 2020

Trunk Up or Trunk Down?
There are many superstitions associated with the elephant. Their ability to bring good luck is captured in the replicas of elephants and the trunk plays a major role in the superstitions regarding elephants. Some people believe the trunks up bring good luck. Others believe the trunk down will bring good luck. 

Predominate superstitions in Western cultures indicate that the trunk of an ornamental elephant should always be facing upwards and in Eastern cultures it should be facing downwards for it to bring good fortune on the house in which it resides. However in Thailand, the elephant itself is considered good luck regardless of the trunk being up or down.  

So take your pick; Up, Down, or Who Cares.  But for those who are superstitious, you may not be able to persuade those with an opposite viewpoint regarding the significance of the elephant's trunk regarding good luck.


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