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A Few Elephant Images from Claire Davidson

August 21, 2016

In going through the thousands of photographic images from Claire Davidson taken during our stay in Moo Baan Chang, I thought I would share some of them with you as they speak volumes about our elephants.

Most people cannot imagine how hairy a baby elephant is.

Another unnerving fact for many women is that baby elephants nurse for three years though their life spans are comparable to those of humans.

Trunks are very important to elephants in a host of ways though they can get chilled in the cool mornings and require a bit of warming up.

Trunks can be very useful in getting to know other elephants.

On the other hand, you could just cuddle a bit.

When the old tuskers get a bit long in the tooth, it can make their cuddling with the ladies more difficult.

Elephants love a good, large salad.

However, you will find them using their trunks to only select the most tender pineapple fronds.

Elephants have learned to cope with high heat in the summer. They use a natural, environmentally friendly sunscreen.

On the other hand, sometimes the elephant chooses to make a fashion statement with the sunscreen cover.

There is always the solution of finding some shade.

However, at times a lady just needs a good spa treatment.

The anatomy of an elephant in elephant polo sometimes results in a small ball being lost in a forest of massive elephant legs.

What does this final image infer--wisdom, strength, intelligence, or empathy? Actually, it represents all of them which makes these creatures one of the most fascinating on the planet.

Thank you Claire for sharing your art and passion with us.

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