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Indigo Prodcuts

March 24, 2016 Indigo

One of the fun things about life at The Elephant Story is meeting new people and sourcing new products. The Jatujak Market is one of our favorite places to do this. You should know that it is hot, crowded and everything moves at a fast pace by Thai standards. Nonetheless, this past weekend Joey and I decided to explore a bit, see some of our old friends and just wander around.

Lo and behold, we made some new friends and found some great products. Meet the family at Nuala-O. 

They are from northeast Thailand and are fabric specialists and weavers, most notably Indigo dyed silks. The indigo plant has a beautiful flower and 

when processed, the plant generates a vibrant blue dye. You will note the rubber gloves, but in short order all of my clothes would be an indigo blue color as well. In some cases, the yarn is tie-dyed to yield a contrasting white with the deep blue.
Lastly, the silk yarn is woven into beautiful scarves and Thai silk fabric.

Now, stopping by to see the family is not a quick endeavor. We stayed quite some time that required frequent trips to the Singha Beer stand. As all of the conversation was in Thai, I consider that the visit qualified as post-graduate language studies with beverages needed to ease the pressure. Come by and see what we will have in the store very soon.

Batik Elephant Print Indigo Scarf
Indigo Dye Scarf: Batik Print


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