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Luang Prabang, A Home to Buddhist Spirituality

September 09, 2016 Buddhism Buddhist Luang Prabang

When we were recently in Luang Prabang, Laos, we introduced our grandson, Story, to a bit of Buddhist spirituality in an effort to provide him a proper balance to the demands of Pokemon at which he has become an established expert. We began the first morning making merit by offering food to the monks followed by visits to a number of interesting and historically significant temples.

Luang Prabang sits in a northern Laos mountain range and, in that setting, the Buddhist temples seem even more spiritual than those of far-away Bangkok.

Many of the mountain villagers send their children to the monasteries in Luang Prabang to receive an education which is not available to the them in the villages.

Story left Laos and Cambodia with a much better understanding of Buddhism and wearing a very special Buddha amulet to which he shows proper respect.

Click on the video below for a brief look at the setting.




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