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Buddha and the Thai Gangsta

September 21, 2018

For those of you who do not read the Bangkok Post on a daily basis, there has been an interesting turn of events in the story of a Thai gangster who was arrested for murder. The gangster, Panya Yingdung, a.k.a. Sia Ouan, was arrested for murder following his extradition from Cambodia at the request of the Thai police. The main news event was that the murder of a young couple was committed at a location of Buddhist significance of which the confessed murderer was not aware. Therefore, an element of spiritual fear was introduced into the trigger man’s hardened façade. Moreover, the episode highlights the efficiency of the Thai police to extract confessions. In fact, in the entire history of Thai police work, there is a near-perfect crime/confession success ratio. No messy water boarding is needed in Thailand. One would have to admit that Sia Ouan, shown below, is one scary dude.

The headline was that the mastermind and prime suspect in the murder of a 20 and 21 year-old couple in front of Buddha mountain in Chon Buri, Thailand, a known gang town, had been returned to Thailand. Moreover, he had confessed to the murder charges after having been handed over by Cambodian authorities to the Thai police. The 39 year-old club owner and an accomplice are alleged to be the killers of the Thai couple murdered in broad daylight in a parking lot in front of Buddha mountain at the site shown below.

As usual in most Thai crime investigations, the “confessed” defendant is returned to the scene of the crime to re-enact the event. The defendant is always made an offer he cannot refuse-much like the confession request.

In addition, the related weapons and other evidence are clearly displayed for all to examine.

Sia Ouan began his commercial career twenty years ago working for tips as a toilet attendant in a night club on Patong beach in Phuket. He then began to bid on toilet hand towel supply contracts which eventually led to him having his own string of nightclubs. The young girl murdered was one of his favorite bar hostesses.

The confessed murderer was pretty cavalier about the two homicides until he learned that it had taken place in front of the Buddha image. At that juncture, the significance of his cavalier action settled in for him to reflect upon the rest of his natural days as short as that period might be in a Thai prison.

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