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Education for Akha Children

January 30, 2016 Akha Hill Tribe Happy Heart Foundation Tigress Trading

One of the fun things about The Elephant Story is we can often link our elephant conservation efforts with other charitable activities. As you can see on our website, our good friend, Khun Por Thiengtham, is the proprietor of Tigress Trading in Bangkok which makes a number of the products in the store such as the Carol Stevenson bags, our clothing bags and our elephant polo shirts.

Khun Por, in turn, has founded the Happy Heart Foundation in Thailand which is a non-profit foundation devoted to the right of education for all children in Thailand. If you recall from our most recent blog on the Akha People, they are non-registered aliens, which deprives their children of much of the rights afforded Thai children. Moreover, as they are the most impoverished of the six hill tribes in Thailand, they have little financial capacity to address their children's educational needs.

Accordingly, Khun Por is addressing the needs of Akha children in a village in Chiang Rai province and is shown modeling one of their headdresses.

Khun Por has some images on her Happy Heart Foundation website (  that would melt some of the coldest hearts out there.

You should also know that Khun Por is an accomplished designer, having designed all of the King's Cup Elephant Polo shirts for The Elephant Story and Sara Story Design. We may not be the best elephant polo teams in the world but we do believe we are the best dressed.

Thank you for your wonderful shirts and the work you do for the children of Thailand. A special word of thanks to Clint Orms for the belt buckles.



Bronze Gong on Stand
Gold Buddha
Small Bronze Gong on Stand
Thai Double Gong w/Crank

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