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Thai Glycerin Soap - Frangipani

  • Thai Glycerin Soap - Frangipani
  • Thai Glycerin Soap - Frangipani


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Frangipani Glycerin Soap from Thailand (Plumeria)

While Frangipani is mostly known for its incredible scent, it also has wonderful benefits for hair and skin.  It can revitalize damaged hair and skin, while imparting high levels of moisture.

Frangipani absorbs easily and helps keep skin soft and smooth.  Frangipani oil is known to uplift the senses, heighten awareness, and restore an inner sense of beauty and poise. 

It is the national flower of Laos and is known as dokjampa.  Because it is a scared tree, it is planted in the court yards of most Buddhist temples.  This flower has also been known to be planted near graveyards where the exquisite flowers fall daily on the head stones. Many trees are hundreds of years old.  It is associated with "love" in Feng Shui.  In India, it is a symbol of immortality because of its ability to produce leaves and flowers even after the plant has been lifted out of the ground. 

Frangipani inspires Romance, Self-Worth and Fearlessness, Inner Peace and Groundedness.

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