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Cotton Indigo Burlap Clutch Bag

  • Cotton Indigo Burlap Clutch Bag
  • Cotton Indigo Burlap Clutch Bag

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Cotton Indigo Burlap Clutch Bag

  • 100% Cotton
  • Dimensions: 10"LÂ x 2.5"W x 6"H
  • Hand Dyed
  • Hand Woven
  • Origin: Thailand
  • One-of-a-Kind

Thai Indigo Dye

A Thai cultural heritage, Indigo dye is a natural dye extracted from plants. Many Asian countries have used indigo as a dye for centuries.

In Thailand, there are two species of indigo plant grown and used. One is indigofera tinctoria, known locally as Kraam which is most widely used. The other type, mostly grown in the hills, is known as strobilanthes flaccidifolius, known local as Hom.

Four months after planting indigo seeds, the leaves start turning dark green which indicates a good quality. A powder is then extracted from the leaves through a multi-step process. The powder is then mixed with various other substances to produce different shades of blue and purple.

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