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Burmese Lacquerware Serving Tray

  • Burmese Lacquerware Serving Tray
  • Burmese Lacquerware Serving Tray

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Yun-de  is Lacquerware in  Burmese, and the art is called  Pan yun. The lacquer is the sap tapped from the varnish tree  or  Thitsee  that grows wild in the forests of  Myanmar  (formerly Burma).   It is straw-colored but turns black on exposure to air. When brushed in or coated on, it forms a hard glossy smooth surface resistant to a degree effects of exposure to moisture or heat.

Lacquer vessels, boxes and trays have a coiled or woven bamboo-strip base often mixed with horsehair, and the thitsee may be mixed with ashes or sawdust to form a putty-like substance called  thayo  which can be sculpted. The object is coated layer upon layer with thitsee and thayo to make a smooth surface, polished and engraved with intricate designs, commonly using red, green and yellow colors on a red or black background.   The objects are all handmade and the designs and engraving done free-hand. It may take three to four months to finish a small vessel but perhaps over a year for a larger piece.


Serving Tray:

Can be used for dry food items or decoration.   Dust or clean with a wet cloth and dry immediately.  

Circumference: 12"

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