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Antique Thai Puppet Head

  • Antique Thai Puppet Head
  • Antique Thai Puppet Head
  • Antique Thai Puppet Head
  • Antique Thai Puppet Head


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Thai Puppetry has been a part of Thai culture and tradition for hundreds of years. The first puppet performance was called "Hun Luang" otherwise known as Royal Puppet. It first started during the Ayutthaya period, but only during royal functions or within the royal palace were these puppets performed. Later, during the reign of King Rama 4, "Hun Lek", or Small Puppets performed Niew Jeen (Chinese Opera) and the Ramayana along with "Hun Kabok" or Stick Puppet and Hun Lakorn Lek otherwise known as Traditional Thai Small Puppets became open to the public and performed widely all around the country. The puppets are unique because of its special lifelike characteristics combining many different kinds of traditional art forms.

Since the Ayutthaya period from the fourteenth century onwards, the Thai people have enacted dramas using four different types of hun luang (large court puppets), the hun lek (small puppets), the hun lakhon lek (small dance-drama puppets), and the hun krabog (bamboo rod puppets). Deities, demons, kings, mythological creatures, fair maidens, warriors, comic characters and modern-day people come alive in puppet theatre to re-enact epics, folklore and comedy for the Thai people. Educational and entertaining, the ancient themes always have a moral lesson.


Height: 7 1/4"

Width: 2 1/4"

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