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We are dressed in camouflage and doing our best to hide from Covid. Sadly, we cannot hold our annual Christmas Caroling Party.

Please join us during this holiday season and sing this year's version of The Twelve Days of Christmas.

Merry Christmas and here is to a more joyful and bountiful 2021. We hope you all will be able to join us in 2021 and sing to what we all have survived.

Love to all - Joey, Ed, Papillon and Paz

The Twelve Days of Texas Christmas 2020

First Day – a shot at a Covid vaccine

Second Day – two rolls of TP

Third Day – three satirizers

Fourth Day – four pairs of gloves

Fifth Day – five N95s

Sixth Day – six feet of distancing

Seventh Day – seven Great Pyrenees

Eighth Day – eight video services

Ninth Day – nine take-out coupons

Tenth Day – ten Amazon gift cards

Eleventh Day – eleven mini vacations

Twelfth Day – twelve bottles of wine